My artistic practice, deeply embedded in research, incorporates elements of installation, video, and performance art. I engage in projects like aerial imaging WWII Balloon Bombs from its archives and crafting an original typography in the remnants of a nuclear disaster zone, etc. These projects emerge from my curiosity about how we construct our understanding of the world, influenced by visual, textual, and narratives.

In today's technological landscape, our perceptions are constantly being reshaped, often through a blend of illusions, confusion, and politics. My experiences, particularly amidst the chaos of misinformation in disasters and the rise of xenophobic rhetoric, have led me to critically examine the relationship between media and ethics. In a world of increasingly skeptical voices to truth, I tackle the dual challenge between showing credible expression and respect art’s ambiguity.

My work emphasizes a tangible approach to the sites of my projects. By overlapping the site with perspectives of the audience, I form immersive environments that are self-referential and expose their structure. This method navigates thinking through experience like a lucid dream amidst a chaotic reality. It's not just to provoke reminiscence but to stimulate a re-imagining of our world.
(2024 Jan)




Translation assistance by Jason Waite