About a work for Don't Follow the Wind

There are lots of everyday clothes left on houses in the exclusion zone of nuclear disaster.
The clothes separated from owners. Somebody ever wore them and somebody may wear them sometime.
I wore such clothes in a room and took a self-portrait with my friend, and installed the life-size printed photo on the room.
When does somebody who will encounter with the photo think our clothes should be worn?
A person who wear the cumbrous protective clothing may regard us as light equipments in the future when decontamination of the whole area was finished.
A person who eats and drinks with short sleeves may regard as a nostalgia to the past before the accident.
The photo infront of visitor do back and forth between the future and the past, in this "socially ambiguous place".
When time passed, and entrance restrictions were canceled, and nobody most felt the need of the protective suit,
The photo will finish its timetravel and be a normal souvenir picture. (2015)

Time travelers / 2015-  /  photoinstallation (inkjet on tarpaulin sheet)in a room in the exclution zone in Fukushima

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タイムトラベラーズ / 2015-  / 写真インスタレーション(ターポリンにインクジェット)、福島県の帰還困難区域のとある部屋にて